Bearwood Baptist Church

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Our weekly Sunday services at 10:30am are available online by Facebook Live streaming as well as here on Bearwood Road. All are welcome!

We will still be recording services for viewing at our Facebook page, together with news and updates.

Our other regular meetings are as follows:

 Sunday 6-8pm (Fortnightly)

 Gen J Youth Group

 Tuesday 10:30-12am

 Place of Welcome

 Tuesday 7:30-8:30pm (Zoom)

 Prayer Meeting

 Wednesday 10-11:30am

 Toddlers Group

 Wednesday 11:30-4pm

 Bearwood Hub

 Wednesday 8-9:30pm (Zoom)

 Wednesday Fellowship

 Thursday 7:30-9pm (Zoom)

 Thursday Fellowship

Please get in touch for details on how to join.

BEARWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH aims to be friendly, welcoming and inclusive; centred around the love of God revealed through Jesus.

OUR DESIRE is to express this through our worship of God and our service and care, for one another and for those in the community around us.

OUR INTENTION is to reflect the love and grace of God to all whom we meet.

WE SEEK to follow Jesus, and encourage others to follow Him too. 



Smethwick CANMember of the Smethwick Churches Action Network

A joint response from local churches to tackle poverty, increase aspiration, provide opportunities & support the most vulnerable.

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Please let us know your comments or suggestions.

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