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Cerebral palsy guide

cerebral palsy guideAccording to the CDC, an estimated 1 in 345 children born will be diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in the United States alone. Individuals who are born with Cerebral Palsy will require health services such as physical or speech therapy. It's imperative that parents with children with cerebral palsy educate themselves on all options available to their children.

To help support these families, Cerebral Palsy Guide has created a resource that can help those affected by cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. The page outlines several different types of therapies that can assist in the treatment of these conditions.

Solar Science Experiments for Kids

You may not think a whole lot about the sun most of the time, but you can do a lot more with sunlight than just get sunburn. There are all sorts of fun experiments you can do using the light and heat from the sun, and you can even use it to make electricity! Try out some solar-powered activities on the next sunny day and you could learn a lot about what the sun can do. 
[Thanks to Aubree, Bianca and the STEMettes for this link!]

The Greatest Journey 

Go on a Christmas adventure as you follow in the footsteps of the greatest journey ever! Produced by Bible Society.

Meanwhile, Spurgeons Charity has released its free Christmas resources to encourage churches to support children and families affected by social disadvantage. Inside you'll find excerpts from Charles Spurgeon's sermon: 'The First Christmas Carol' alongside resources, challenges & festive ideas to help you connect with your church, family and community.  

Easter video for kids

What if we could find out what Jairus’ daughter or the boy with the five loaves and two fish made of what happened to Jesus after their miraculous encounters with him?

Based on the gospel accounts, the Bible Society's brand new Easter story for children Three Friends and the Miracle Man imagines their journey to discovering who Jesus really is.

Wonderful Youthwonderful youth

Wonderful Youth enables young people of colour to read the Bible through their cultural and theological lenses.
Commissioned by the Baptist Union Racial Justice Group, it has been written by contributors from Six Ways Baptist Church, Birmingham and John Bunyan Baptist Church, Oxford (both multicultural churches).  Their aim is to equip young black and minority ethnic people to appreciate and love God’s Word. Designed to be used during Black History Month in October 2018, Wonderful Youth also provides a window of opportunity for churches and youth groups to explore and celebrate some of the historical and current unique contributions from people of colour. Free download here.

The church caters for all ages from 0-90 plus. Sunday services include a parallel creche for toddlers and Sunday Schools for younger and older children.


gen Z

Postmodernism, pressures and prayer

Gen Z Young people are open to the idea of faith, but lack a personal relationship with God. They are facing increasing pressure from social media and school - and churches need a rethink on how best to engage them. These are some of the findings of new research commissioned by Youth for Christ into Generation Z, which comprises those born from the mid-1990s onwards. The research explored the impact of culture, influence, priorities and religion on 1001 young people.

Disciple Kit

disciple kitWelcome to DiscipleKit: Here you can choose from a glorious variety of discipleship resources for groups from many different publishers, all reviewed and rated to save you time. Enjoy looking around the site, and find the resource you want for adults, youth and children – for those who are Enquiring about Christianity, Beginning the Christian journey, or Growing along the way.

Pray for Schools fortnight 7-21 May

pray for schoolsPray for Schools fortnight aims to bring together people from local churches and others involved in education – parents, students, teachers, governors, staff and volunteers – to pray strategically for schools in their area and those involved in them. Click here for more information and resources.

Bethinking: Youth resources

These resources are aimed at 14-18 year olds, to help you think through issues that may arise in the classroom or when talking with friends. 

The Bible App for Kids

A free Bible experience for your kids
Animated storybook app for smartphones and tablets
Colourful illustrations with touch-activated animations
Games and activities help kids remember what they learn
Kid-friendly navigation Click here to find it
Thanks to Judith for sharing this.

Car & Vehicle Science Experimentscar experiments

Cars are great subjects for science experiments because they are built to move. Cars need fuel to power their engines. The engine turns the gasoline into mechanical energy that moves the gears. The gears turn the wheels, and then the car moves. It may seem like magic, but cars really move by using the laws of science. That’s why science experiments use model cars to explain the science of movement, like the ideas of motion and rest, force and friction, and action and reaction.
Thanks to one of our users Liam, who suggested (insisted) his mum tell us about
this page he loves. He thought it might be a good addition to our site.

My home away from home

KIDS CARE's theme for this year looks at the importance of belonging. The resources will help children think about the experience of being a refugee or a stranger in a new place and what the Church around the world can do to help. There is also a chance to hear from UK teenagers making their home in Nepal as their parents serve with BMS World Mission.

secret life of pets

Damaris Media and Cubs100 are providing a free Scout Activity Pack based on The Secret Life of Pets (in UK cinemas June 24), a comedy about the lives our pets lead after we leave for work or school each day. When it comes to young people, we believe that every story on the big screen is the beginning of an adventure.

bible bedtime

Reading the Bible with kids?

Download Bible Society's free Bible Bedtime app for illustrated Bible stories on your phone or tablet. Available on Android and iOS.

Fancy a TREASURE HUNT in Chad? kids care

Kids Care from BMS World Mission shows how we can show our love for God by being full of love for others. For children to learn about loving God with all of their strength. Click here for more details.

Bible Odyssey: People, Places, and Passagesbible odyssey

Explore the fascinating origins of the Bible and its eventful history. On Bible Odyssey, the world’s leading scholars share the latest historical and literary research on key people, places, and passages of the Bible.

The BMS Birthday Scheme supports medical work and health ministries across the world. This is how it works:birthday scheme
Step 1: a Birthday Scheme is set up in a church with a Birthday Scheme Secretary, a volunteer appointed by the church.
Step 2: the Secretary sends a card, supplied (for free!) by BMS, to Birthday Scheme members on their birthday, along with a news bulletin and a gift envelope in the card.
Step 3: the member makes a gift, using the gift envelope or online. The member gives the envelope back to the Birthday Scheme Secretary who sends on all the gifts to BMS.

‘I can’t forgive myself, how do I know that God will forgive me?’4 steps to peace
‘I accepted Jesus when I was 12, but I’ve failed in lots of ways how can I know that God will accept me back?’ has four short videos that call people to make a choice. It gives people the opportunity to ask questions. Volunteer email responders aim to reply to a searcher’s email with 48 hours.
With the anonymity and distance a computer screen provides, people can sit in the comfort of their own homes and ask questions they maybe wouldn’t have the courage to ask in person. Or maybe they don’t know anyone in ‘real life’ who has a faith and can give them the answers they’re looking for. “People are searching spiritually and our site creates a space for people to ask questions,” says Victoria.

show the loveI wish for a free new teacher’s resource for you to download and use, based on a moving letter written by Michael Morpurgo, former children’s Laureate and ‘War Horse’ author.
The letter is from a grandfather to a granddaughter about the world he loves and wants to protect from climate change and has inspired a beautiful 5 minute film starring Jeremy Irons.
Created for KS2 English classes, ages 9-11, the resource encourages children to explore the issue of climate change in an inspiring new way. It’s packed full of creative activities and discussion ideas that will get pupils thinking, talking and writing. From
Show the Love.


What is a young carer? A young carer is someone who has to look after parents or siblings who struggle to care for themselves because of illness. Tens of thousands of children in the UK care for an adult in their life. Many people don't realise the important and hard role young carers have, helping a parent or relative every day.

Wkids carehat do I treasure? Love the Lord your God with all your heart. (Luke 10: 27)
As children and the media recover from the excitement of Christmas presents, it’s a good time to think about how we receive, and learn to unwrap, God’s gift to each of us. This issue of KIDS CARE explores how loving God back will affect the choices we make each day.
We meet Elias from Peru, who decided to leave school at eleven, but has since discovered the treasure of learning. It’s a great story about the way God’s faithfulness and care helps young people experience his love in the midst of troubled lives.
There’s also time to learn more about Peru, sample plantain chips and have fun with llamas! The issue notes and activity PDFs are

guardians of ancora

Guardians of Ancora is a world-class tablet game for 8- to 11-year-olds offering an amazing virtual world and an immersive interactive experience of Bible stories. Click here to read more!

quiz of the week

Try CBBC Newsround's quiz of the week: it's got a brand new look, with bigger images, more questions - and soon it'll work on more devices like phones and tablets, too. Click the link that says "Play our Quiz of the Week's news", to play it. Check back every Friday morning for the latest quiz!

Do you love fast cars, huge trucks and powerful logistics
trains? Or, perhaps you’re detailed-oriented with a passion for planning? You may just have a penchant for management or customer service or analysis or international business or manufacturing or driving or… well, you get the drift. You probably also believe that one of the keys to happiness is earning a good living doing something you love. And if that’s the case, then it’s time look into a career in logistics. So check out the Logistics Career Exploration Guide for Kids and Students where you’ll find information from more than 80 trusted resources on everything kids want and need to know about the exciting field of logistics.

forest fire
A Kid's Guide to Forest Fires

Forest fires have the power to cause a lot of destruction because they spread very fast and reach extremely high temperatures. Most kids know that a forest fire can be caused by a campfire that gets out of control, a lit match that is thrown into the brush, or even a burning cigarette that is carelessly tossed into the woods, but, did you know that a forest fire can be caused by a natural element such as lightening? This website will help you to learn more about the causes of forest fires, how they can be prevented and how some fires can benefit a forest ecosystem.

seriously awkwardThe Children’s Society has just launched its new Seriously Awkward campaign which looks at vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds who are not yet adults but do not receive the same legal protection as younger children.  The key points about the campaign are:
• Vulnerable 16 and 17 year olds are being let down by the law and not getting basic protections to keep them safe, healthy and happy.
• They are more likely to go missing or be victims of violent crime than any other age, as well as being a high risk group for sexual exploitation and domestic violence. Yet they are the least protected from abuse and neglect.
• The Children’s Society wants to change the law to protect 16 and 17 year olds from harm, abuse and neglect.

national geographic kids

National Geographic Kids is an exciting monthly magazine which gives boys and girls a whole new way to learn and explore their world. Packed with features, posters, puzzles, quizzes and exciting things to make and do, NG Kids is a great resource for children, parents and teachers.

food clipartFree Food Clipart offers one of the best and most comprehensive collections of free food
clip art on the web. Simply select the category you are looking for and browse through the relevant clipart.

kids networkPlanets for Kids provides lots of information about our solar system with lots of questions and answers and games for you to play. We also have a color in section where you can download pictures and have fun. Remember everything here is "Kid-friendly".

In the past, people would watch birds and wished that they could fly. Over the years, people learned how to travel by sea and travel faster by land; however, until the first aircraft was built, flying always seemed a distant dream. Now not only is air travel possible, but there are so many different ways to travel through the air. Here is an Aircraft Guide for Kids.

ZoomSci: Science and Engineering Projects for Kids zoom sci
From PBS KIDS, committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through American curriculum-based entertainment with positive role models and content designed to nurture a child’s total well-being.

kids know it
Kids Know It Network claims to be 'The Internet's Most Popular Educational Website Since 1998'. It aims to provide the highest quality educational activities, products, movies, music, games, articles, etc, and distribute them completely free of charge.

Youth for Christ (YFC) is a national Christian charity that was founded by Billy Grahamyfc in 1946. Working with over 250,000 young people each month, we draw alongside teens from every background and culture in Britain. Our 400+ full-time staff and countless local volunteers specialise in working with unchurched youth: communicating and demonstrating the Christian faith.

navigateNavigate is a resource for youth leaders to use with young people to help them to explore and engage with the Bible. The 5 interactive sessions, each with an easy to use session plan, contain discussions, quizzes, creative and reflective activities

the big mission“Remember that ever since you were a child, you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to give you the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.” BUT we have a BIG problem. Every day, the Bible is kept shut for children all over the world. Misunderstanding, negative messages in the media, some poor teaching in schools, poverty, illiteracy, disability and persecution are just some of the reasons why. Time is running out. Children are growing up fast, without the Bible. The Big Mission is to open the Bible up to 20 million children around the world by 2020. How will we do this? With your prayers, Bible apps, new language translations, literacy programmes, film, Bible reading campaigns and much more. Sign up here to join The Big Mission. We know it’s BIG but with God’s help, we believe it’s possible.

bible bedtimeFeaturing Martin Coleman's fantastic take on classic Bible stories, with beautiful illustrations and the option to illustrate the stories yourself, the free Bible Bedtime app is part of our challenge to parents to help children connect with Bible stories.
It's perfect for children and adults alike, to read together or on your own. is about every Christian who works in and visits schools across the UK, passionate about making a difference in the lives of children and young people. The project is run by schools workers who know all about the challenge of captivating a hall full of teenagers for 10 minutes at the start of the day and engaging a bunch of disillusioned year 9s on a Friday afternoon in R.E... 

Collect Sainsburys vouchers to help invest millions in its Active Kids scheme, to help children lead healthier, more active lifestyles. Fronted by ambassadors David Beckham and Ellie Simmonds, the range of sports and cooking equipment is on offer to our Brigades company. From Wednesday 29th January until 20th May 2014, customers can collect Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers when they shop at Sainsbury’s.

Prayer Spaces in Schools enable children and young people to explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective in a safe, creative and interactive way. A range of flexible resources can be adapted to work for participants aged 5 to 18 bringing an experiential dimension to a variety of subject areas and to pastoral aspects of school life.

SCHOOLSLIVE! All Scripture Union resources for schoolschools live Christian clubs, primary and secondary, are now on: SchoolsLive. Anyone who has already used LightLive will find the format of SchoolsLive familiar. We hope you will find it easy to use and flexible in building club sessions to your requirements.

New Generation is a Birmingham based umbrella organisation which is all about helping young people in school to live out their faith through prayer, social action and creative outreach. 

hA free online training programme for volunteer youth leaders is now available to UK Baptist churches.
Horizons is the training platform for leaders in youth and children ministry throughout the European Baptist Federation who want to develop their skills and learn more about working with youth.


Festive offers Christian support for students and staff in UK sixth forms and FE colleges. It works in partnership with UCCF and Scripture Union.


Every day more than 50 children are taken into care in the UK. They are removed from chaotic, traumatic, abusive, neglectful or desperate situations. The Church is uniquely placed to offer its help to meet this need. As a large social network with involvement of large numbers of families, the Church is fertile soil for recruitment. Home for Good aims to change the culture in local churches throughout the UK, to make adopting and fostering a significant part of their life and ministry.                        

Here are some links recommended by us:

Message to the Masses is more than just a website and resource - it exists to ignite a faith-sharing passion in young people’s hearts. Their aim is not only to see young people understand their faith but also to help and support them in defending that faith.

PBS KIDS is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of children through curriculum-based entertainment.

Recommended online games in a number of categories from Christian Aid.

B-cent wants to show in words and in deed that Jesus is alive, in our city's young people, today!

Brainbashers 'A good site for all ages: an exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions.' (Barrie)

*essential - an access-point for all those seeking to engage young people with biblical truth

Action Pack, Tearfund’s new website for children

Scripture Union ...light to live by.


Free games from Download and Shockwave.




Mousebreaker free online games

Kids' Freeware

Wikipedia free encyclopedia

BBC revision guides preschool to 16

BBC Radio 1

the official Harry Potter website is a place to explore the big questions of life. They don't assume you believe in God but they hope you'll take the time to engage with his story. It can be told as simply as 3, 2, 1...
 3   God is three Persons united in love 
 2   The story of the world is the story of two representatives
 1   You are one with Adam. Be one with Jesus.

All work? 10 useful sites for help with homework. No play? 3 free games as recommended by Microsoft.

The new Triple S/Olympic Project is to enable more young people to take part in sport and physical activity.

The Sandwell 14-19 Learning online prospectus enables learners to view and apply to courses and course providers that are available in Sandwell.

Phonebrain will help you stay in control of your money and trouble shoot any premium rate problems.

evaluate...informing choice, bringing a fresh, modern and direct edge to sex & relationship education and lifestyle choices.

Try this Polar Bear Tracker game from WWF.  

Lets Go Green: Centro's Sustainable Travel Team are currently booking 1 hour public transport workshops for year 6 classes in schools.

Youth Encounter is a Scripture Union project which exists to help Christian young people in Britain live out their faith amongst Muslims.

Hear a call for the reconciliation of Christians across the churches by young people from Taize

Try out an Underground-style Bible Travel Guide if you're new to finding your way around the bible.

Grow with the Bible is a collaboration between the major Bible reading notes agencies (BRF, CWR, IBRA, The Salvation Army and Scripture Union) and the Bible Society, who are working together to tackle the alarming decline in personal Bible reading throughout the UK.

After Four million viewers watched the BBC's Easter dramatisation of The Passion, it now plans to make a six-part series dramatising iconic and important stories from the Bible.

The key mission of Ctrl.Alt.Shift is to bring about the democratisation of Charity, by being the first ‘consumer generated’ charity brand: connect and take action by creating content and campaigns, sharing ideas and inspiring each other.

LightLive is an exciting bible based resource for children's ministry from Scripture Union.

Nutriskill: the happy face of a balanced diet: a complete learning programme written by a Health Fitness & Nutrition instructor and registered dietician for your child.

The latest figures from Beatbullying, the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity, show
that one in four young people of all faiths have been bullied, often violently, because they have a religious position or their peers think they represent or practice a particular

Krunch are a youth organisation based in Sandwell, about helping young people discover who they are, what they want to be and how to get there.

Change4Life is a new movement, supported by the Department of Health, which aims to improve children’s diets and levels of activity so reducing the threat to their future health and happiness.

If you want to give children aged 8 through to teens the inside track on money and finance issues, then Quidz In offers you the information you’re looking for.

Just Youth is a free interactive online listings guide. You can register to be kept up to date of events and activities in Sandwell, post reviews and comments, make new friends, and publish your own events.

MEND provides programmes, services and resources to help children and families learn how to improve their health, fitness and the way they feel about their bodies.
Sandwell/Oldbury  MEND is at the Oldbury College of Sport, Pound Road.

Biblegamezone: stories and activities for kids from Norway (in English).

Two new fathers from Solihull offer advice and support for others: become a SuperDad.

Voice 21 is a regular magazine produced by Sandwell MBC and aimed at Young People - you can get a preview by clicking here, and see where you can pick up a 'proper' copy of the latest edition.

Aimed at 14 to 22 year olds, the all new glossy, full colour, handbag sized STREETBRAND Magazine will be published three times a year and will cover everything from God and faith to music, culture and entertainment, life, relationships, career, lifestyle, advice and more.

NHS Teen LifeCheck uses an engaging and interactive quiz to offer health and lifestyle information to 12 - 15 year olds.

Sport 4 Life UK is a registered charity that exists to change lives through the power of sport in Birmingham.

Test of Faith: The Faraday Institute have produced materials on science and faith that are relevant and accessible for schools and churches, with contributions from leading scientists and theologians.

Now a Christian, from Church Army, seeks to help you make your own decisions about the difference being a Christian can make to your life.

We are Backing Young Sandwell: helping young people with local businesses creating apprenticeships and work placement opportunities.

Where are you in the Big Story? a two-part non-formulaic non-preachy presentation by InterVarsity.

Fighting Chance is designed for young people, by young people, to increase awareness on gang culture and its effects in our society, as well as provide loads of practical advice for any teenager effected by or worried about gangs.

Adopt a Moshi Monster and care for it by solving puzzle games, which earn your monster virtual rewards called Rox. Then spend Rox on virtual items like food, furniture and other treats and toys for their monster.

Twelvebaskets' aim as a company is to encourage people to follow an ethos of "Create it - Use it - Share it". They believe the Church is full of creative people, who are not fully aware of how their skills and gifts can be of great value to churches and schools.

The vision of REinspired is to see churches fully engaged in supporting their local schools in religious education and the spiritual development of pupils, helping children to answer the question: "What do Christians believe about...".

Test of FAITH: does science threaten belief in God? The challenge often put forward is that God is a delusion and science has removed the need for faith in anything. Christian scientists have been trained to think and test ideas to the limit. If their faith and their science are both genuine searches for the truth, we need to hear from them.

Zeke and The Caravan are characters in a fun, free missions resource from IMB that takes kids on a spiritual expedition through the heart of Asia.

The Israel Museum and Google have put five of the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts online. The high resolution digitisation of some of the most important 2,000-year-old Dead Sea Scrolls, alongside an English translation, are widely acknowledged as one of the most important archaeological discoveries of the last century.

This amazing 26-second video, depicting how temperatures around the globe have warmed since 1880, comes from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, which monitors global surface temperatures. In this animation, reds indicate temperatures higher than the average during a baseline period of 1951-1980, while blues indicate lower temperatures than the baseline average.

The Missing Generation website is an initiative of the Younger Leaders Forum of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, to which we want to create awareness of the lack of 18-30 year olds in our churches.

‘The Parents’ and Carers’ Guide to the Internet’, is a light hearted and realistic look at what it takes to be a better online parent. The show covers topics such as, talking to your child about the technologies they use and the things they might see, tailored for primary or secondary school children. Plus free browser safety tool to download.

An infogrpahic examining the consequences if just a few fundamental laws or conditions after the beginning of the universe had been different and suggesting that the universe has been fine-tuned for life.

Here is Youthwork magazine's hundred best websites for youth ministry. If some amazing youth organizations aren’t mentioned, it’s because their work may be great but their website isn’t as valuable as others. Oh, and all the resources mentioned are freebies; there are lots of great websites that involve paying out money, but they’re not mentioned unless they also contain a fair chunk of free stuff. is the winner for Best Religion & Spirituality website in the 16th Annual Webby Awards. It publishes daily articles, reviews and videos for 13 to 18 year olds. Its goal is to provide easily-accessible content that is engaging and relevant for teens, stimulating them to think critically and respond thoughtfully to their world from a Christian perspective.

Broken Futures: Young Afghan Asylum Seekers in the UK and on return to their country of origin: in this report, these young people held high aspirations for their futures, and to one day return to their country of origin and contribute to building a future there.

Today ... not tomorrow- transforming church for all ages- addresses the near absence of discipleship of
children and young people. Discipleship is more than knowing the stories and following rules, it is about a lifestyle, where children and young people are fully part of the church community, able to celebrate their faith in every way and empowered to discover and practise their God-given ministries. Embracing the ™ findings of this research and becoming an intergenerational church, where all are valued and Christian community and discipleship becomes real.

Jack and Holly are two of the UK's best loved early-learning characters and these animated best friends will teach your little ones about some of life's key questions.

Monvee is a web based spiritual growth tool to help you grow spiritually. God has wired all of us uniquely, therefore we all learn differently. Monvee uses a brief survey to develop a very personalized growth plan based on who you are. It is very interactive and will take you down a path that will help you to identify the things that will most help you in your relationship with God. 

Thanks to EducatorLabs for some great suggestions for this page.

gearsWhen people think about machines, they probably think about airplanes, cars, power saws, or any other machine that has a motor. What they may not think about is the fact that not every machine needs a motor for it to run. Fun Car Facts For Kids: Simple Machines Used In Automobiles.

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