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What Kind of Society?


If society was more loving, more free, more just, and more truthful, we would all benefit. This is the Evangelical Alliance's vision for the kind of society we want the UK to become. We often know what we are against – and are often known by what we are against – but for our engagement in society to be effective and lasting we need a vision for that society, and we will need to be able to articulate the vision in a way that makes sense and is appealing. This means asking ourselves two key questions:

What do we want? 

How do we best communicate what we want?

The goal with What Kind of Society? is to provoke and address these questions and to get the Church started with what it needs to practically cast a vision and be a voice for the good of all.  

Bearwood Baptist is a friendly inner city church, united in Jesus. We're a member church of the Heart of England Baptist Association of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Our aim is to take the message of Jesus' love and power to save, into the heart of our ever-changing community. On other pages we introduce you to one of our members, Barrie, the minister and deaconate team, our facilities, a brief history of the church, and frequently asked questions.

 We support BMS World Mission through the BMS Birthday Scheme.

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