Who Do You Say I Am?

who do you say I am?

Jesus Christ is described by many as the most important person who ever lived.  Born around 2000 years ago, he claimed to be God. At Easter we remember how he died, and we celebrate his resurrection. Events that happened in a real place at a specific point in history.
2,000 years ago Jesus asked his friends: ‘Who do you say I am?’ This four-minute film asks us the same question: ‘Who do you say I am?’ The Talking Jesus research shows that four in ten people in the UK don’t know if Jesus was a real person. Interviews with an astrophysicist, a theologian and an art historian are included alongside footage shot in the Middle East in the places Jesus lived. 

lent seriesLent is a season that is inspired and informed by the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness at the outset of his earthly ministry. Seeking to determine his purpose and vocation, he was tempted to pursue pathways that did not belong to the way of God’s Kingdom. Yet in those temptations there is more than an echo of the kind of religion that we can all too easily find ourselves pursuing. Lent is a time for us also to free ourselves of such inclinations, and be reminded again of their emphatic rejection.

First Sunday in Lent 2017 – Tempted in the Desert 
Second Sunday in Lent 2017 – I am God, your God

Third Sunday in Lent – His hands have moulded the dry land

Fourth Sunday in Lent – If anyone would be my disciple . . . .
Fifth Sunday in Lent – Grace, mercy and peace from God . . . .

Bearwood Road 2 Bearwood is a bustling, vibrant area, just over the border of  Birmingham and within the borough of Sandwell, part of the famous ‘Black Country’. It is a meeting point for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, life experiences and ages with rich histories, which are reflected in our church congregation.

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BEARWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH aims to be friendly, welcoming and inclusive;

centred around the love of God revealed through Jesus.

OUR DESIRE is to express this through our worship of God and our service and care, for one another and for those in the community around us.

OUR INTENTION is to reflect the love and grace of God to all whom we meet.

WE SEEK to follow Jesus, and encourage others to follow Him too.











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