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Every Wednesday 7.30-9pm at church

For 2018 we have partnered with Hope for our Lent course which is based on the book 40 Stories of Hope. The stories within the course and book give a unique insight into prison life and point to the hope we can find as followers of Jesus. The group studies provide the whole Church – inside and outside prison – with the opportunity to walk with Jesus through Lent, learning from Mark’s Gospel and from the lessons prisoners, ex-prisoners and chaplains have learned. Whether we take this spiritual journey through Lent, alone or in company, there is much to draw on to refresh and encourage our faith.

Bearwood Road 2 Bearwood is a bustling, vibrant area, just over the border of  Birmingham and within the borough of Sandwell, part of the famous ‘Black Country’. It is a meeting point for people of diverse ethnic backgrounds, life experiences and ages with rich histories, which are reflected in our church congregation.

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BEARWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH aims to be friendly, welcoming and inclusive;

centred around the love of God revealed through Jesus.

OUR DESIRE is to express this through our worship of God and our service and care, for one another and for those in the community around us.

OUR INTENTION is to reflect the love and grace of God to all whom we meet.

WE SEEK to follow Jesus, and encourage others to follow Him too.











Member of the Abbey Group, Churches Together in Bearwood

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