Bearwood Baptist Church

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What is a Baptist Church?  The church is people, those who meet together because of a shared interest in following Jesus Christ. Baptism is the practice of immersing a person in water as a sign of commitment to Jesus. Baptists are one of the mainstream Christian denominations (church groups) in the UK. Baptist churches are usually affiliated with the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland. We differ from some other denominations by baptising people when they’re old enough to make a decision about their desire to follow Jesus themselves. We also administer ourselves differently to other denominations.

Will you christen my child? Not exactly. Some people believe that christening is the same act as baptism; because we believe that people should only get baptised when they make a decision about it for themselves, we don’t christen babies. We do, however, hold a thanksgiving service for babies. If you’re interested in this please contact our minister.

Can I get married at your church? Yes, our church is licensed for marriages; if you want to pursue this further please contact our minister.

Can we hold a funeral at your church? Yes. Again it’s best to follow this up with our minister.

Can I book your rooms? Yes. We have a range of room sizes to accommodate anything between 2 and 100 people. We let our rooms out for a relatively low charge to community and other groups. We ask those using rooms to comply with our general guidelines.  To find out more contact our lettings officer.

Can you tell me about your youth activities?  We have a creche  and Sunday School that meet during our main morning service. We are also hosting a new children's club on weekday evenings, more information soon.

For any other questions please contact us.