Domestic Violence

No one should have to live with violence, yet this is a daily experience for many in our society. Domestic violence is a living reality for thousands of women, but because it happens behind closed doors it often goes unnoticed and unreported, and so a silence surrounds the pain and suffering. The Baptist Union of Great Britain is committed to learning what it means to follow Jesus in a violent world. In partnership with others, we want to help break the silence surrounding domestic violence, and so we have produced a collection of resource material to encourage churches to face up to the issue, to help victims and survivors find the necessary support, and to assist ministers and pastoral workers in caring for those who experience domestic violence.

Read here about the myth that 'It Doesn't happen here'. Read of those wanting to break the silence and change. When the silence is broken, are you prepared to listen? What does the law say? In regards to marriage, where do you stand? Find out why women often stay in abusive relationships, and what you can do to provide pastoral support for abusers, and agencies that may be able to help. Find out about initiatives such as the Clothesline Project, and sign up to the charter for churches or find out more.   

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